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Reliable directions for various travel modes

Fast and smart routing various travel modes services

Enterprise-specific routing algorithms

The Directions component, part of the HERE Platform for Business, empowers you to manage your mobile workforce with accurate routing services based on the world’s best maps. Reliably reach your destination, know your ETA based on real-time congestion and road changes, and customize routes to suit your business needs

Feature Highlights

Moving commercial goods and services from A to B takes enterprise-grade data and services that reflect real world realities. Directions services are built on enterprise-grade maps to enable sophisticated multi-modal routes for cars, trucks, public transit and pedestrian travel. Rich commercial vehicle data enables safe, legal routes based on truck size, weight, hazardous freight restrictions and more.

Route options

  • Fastest/shortest/scenic

  • Avoid highways, toll roads, unpaved bridges,

    tunnels and more

  • Optimize route: eco, cost, time, distance and more

  • Alternate routes

  • Stop-overs and via points

  • Vehicle speed profiles

Specialized commercial routing

  • Truck routing with support for all physical and legal restrictions including hazardous goods
  • Matrix routing with support for all routing options (e.g. traffic, truck, pedestrian, shortest, fastest, etc.)
  • Isoline routing with support for all routing options (e.g. traffic, pedestrian, shortest, fastest, etc.)

Traffic-enabled routing

  • Traffic-aware routes based on real-time and/or historical traffic data

  • Time-aware routes based on time of day, time of the year (seasonal roads, lane configuration changes, etc.)

  • Incident-aware routes based on traffic accidents, construction, etc.

Route directions

  • Instructions in over 100 languages
  • Distance and driving time to destination
  • Up to 50 waypoints per route
  • Dynamic ETA based on multiple static and/or dynamic data sources

Toll road distance calculation

  • For cars or trucks

  • Per country/region

  • Link info

  • Speed limit, traffic speed, base speed and more

Transit routing

  • Frequency-based transit schedules
  • Timetables in more than 400 cities worldwide

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Only HERE Platform delivers powerful, flexible and global location cloud services built on enterprise-grade map data. Discover how HERE can help your business run smarter, faster and more efficiently. Today, leading enterprise organizations around the world use HERE Platform in hundreds of customer applications and support core business processes such as fleet management, telematics, geomarketing, business intelligence, field force optimization and more.


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