Making it fast and easy to search for, discover and go anywhere

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Hundreds of millions point addresses and places worldwide

Flexible and relevant search & discovery

User interactions to collect, share and add places

The Places component, part of the HERE Platform for Business, provides the industry’s most relevant and flexible search experience, empowering you to find, learn more about, interact with, and go to hundreds of millions of places worldwide. With Places, you can inform critical business decisions based on the geo-location of customers, assets, or events.

Feature Highlights

Sourced from a global data set of hundreds of millions POIs and Point Addresses the Places component focuses on solving the search and discovery challenges of enterprises today. Intuitive one-box search, robust results and other advanced tools enable you to interact with the world on a deeper level-collecting, sharing and adding places that mean the most to you.

Place Detail

  • Name

  • Location

    - Address

    - Latitude/Longitude

  • Contact Information

    - Phone; Email; Web site

  • Category

  • Editorial description

  • Opening hours

  • Payment methods

  • Parking

  • Accessibility

  • User Community information

    - Photos; Ratings; Reviews

  • References
    - Offline content
    - Other HERE services
    - 3rd party supplier content
  • User interaction
    - Get more information
    - Collect/(Mark as) Favorite
    - Share
    - Contribute
  • Multi-language support
    - 80+ languages for metadata labels
    - Search results optimized for language

Places search

  • By address, name and/or category

  • Spelling corrections and

    Did You Mean suggestions

Ranked results

  • Popularity
  • Category
  • Distance

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Only HERE Platform delivers powerful, flexible and global location cloud services built on enterprise-grade map data. Discover how HERE can help your business run smarter, faster and more efficiently. Today, leading enterprise organizations around the world use HERE Platform in hundreds of customer applications and support core business processes such as fleet management, telematics, geomarketing, business intelligence, field force optimization and more.


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