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Door to door address accuracy

Global coverage with fresh addres

High volume and performance multi-reverse geocoding

The Geocoder component, part of the HERE Platform for Business, empowers you to translate an address into GPS coordinates, such as latitude/longitude, while reverse geocoding resolves GPS coordinates into an address. Supporting massive batch requests, geocoder services makes it fast and easy to understand complex location-relative relationships and improve all aspects of your business.

Feature Highlights

Geocoder services understands complex relationships among locations, people and goods while anticipating the real life needs of people as they query, probe and explore those relationships. Geocoding’s flexible address entry supports full or partial address information as well as structured addresses and leverages accurate and complex address information. Advanced analysis makes sure what’s entered matches the map while optional spatial filters provide additional context based on an a user’s current location or map view. High performance multi-reverse geocoding services can process up to 100 pairs of coordinates with a single query. Results support informed decision making, streamlined operations and improved services.


  • Localized address labels

  • Support for address ranges and point


  • Free form and structured address input

  • Fuzzy search capability for incomplete and

    mis-spelled input

  • Abbreviation support for city, state and

    country names

  • Landmarks, airport codes, postal add-on

    codes (ZIP + 4) and cross streets search

  • Spatial filters for country, bounding box and

    around a location

  • Retrieval of postal codes and administrative


  • Map reference for admin IDs, SPOT and

    side of street

  • House No. interpolation and extrapolation

  • Results scoring by relevance, match-quality,

    code, level or type-distance and location type

  • Multi-language support

Batch geocoding

  • Structured, unstructured and mixed input
  • Asynchronous processing of input
  • Processing capacity of up to 2GB/approximately 1M fields per request file

Reverse Geocoding

  • Multi-reverse geocoding – up to 100 queries per request
  • Retrieval of address near a position
  • Retrieval of area around a position
  • Retrieval of landmarks
  • Map reference and side of street

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Only HERE Platform delivers powerful, flexible and global location cloud services built on enterprise-grade map data. Discover how HERE can help your business run smarter, faster and more efficiently. Today, leading enterprise organizations around the world use HERE Platform in hundreds of customer applications and support core business processes such as fleet management, telematics, geomarketing, business intelligence, field force optimization and more.


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