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Freshest and highest quality map

Map views including fleet, terrain, aerial and satellit

Optimized styles for business applications

The Maps component, part of the HERE Platform for Business, provides accurate, comprehensive and highly interactive maps with traditional and specialized map views that are built for business, e. g. fleet maps for transport and logistics planning, terrain maps for geographic insights, satellite maps for contextual views.

Our Maps services let you interact with the map so you can better understand and interact with the world.

Feature Highlights

Maps services make it fast and easy to interact with and pan/zoom across map views of varying resolutions and enable display of various elements such as routes and POIs on top of the map image tiles. HERE Map services delivers features and functionalities that enable truly differentiated location experiences.

Satellite imagery

  • Worldwide coverage in different resolutions

  • Aerial high-quality color imagery with a

    15 to 30 cm-per-pixel resolution

  • Satellite high-quality color and black & white

    imagery with up to 60cm resolution (CitySphere)

  • High resolution imagery (CitySphere) for

    select cities

Venue Maps

  • Indoor maps for over 10,000 locations in over 70 countries
  • PNG image tile overlays on top of the HERE map
  • JSON models with access points (entry/exit), connectors (elevators, escalators), geometry and POI information

Fleet map optimized style

  • Optimized for transport and logistics

  • Map view with dimmed map colors & content

  • Display of highway exit numbers on lower

    zoom levels

Truck attributes layer

  • Display of all physical and legal restrictions for trucks
  • Optimized display on the map at zoom level 14 or higher

Street Level Imagery

  • Panoramic imagery for over 90 cities

  • High-resolution view of key features

    (e.g. tourist attractions, historical locations and commercial centers)

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Only HERE Platform delivers powerful, flexible and global location cloud services built on enterprise-grade map data. Discover how HERE can help your business run smarter, faster and more efficiently. Today, leading enterprise organizations around the world use HERE Platform in hundreds of customer applications and support core business processes such as fleet management, telematics, geomarketing, business intelligence, field force optimization and more.


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