Dear Customer,


please be advised that a new release (D60) of the HERE Platform is available on the Production Environment (PRD).


We send this email to all those who apply for access credentials to the platform, based on the information they provide when registering.


This email includes release notes that describe the improvements to the services in the new release. This release includes updates: HLP Routing, Map Tile API, Map Image API, Traffic API, Geocoder API, Places API, Platform Data Extension PDE, Route Match Extension RME, Waypoints Sequence Extension WSE, Toll Cost Extension TCE and Data Lens.


The release documentation will be available on Developer Portal as well.

Management Summary

  • HLP Router incorporates information about incidents along a route.
  • New languages supported in the Map Tile API.
  • Traffic incidents now available in Greece.
  • Geocoder: Improvements on search for addresses in India.
  • Geocoder does not return Greek exonyms in the Turkish view for Northern Cyprus anymore.
  • Geocoder: Local time and extended time zone information is now available in location metadata.
  • Route Match Extension: Attributes added to the response, to increase accuracy and post-processing.
  • Waypoints Sequence Extension now supports up to 100 waypoints, if traffic option is not enabled.
  • The Toll Cost Extension API now covers the full-extended German TOLL COLLECT network.



For detailed information about the major improvements of the HERE Platform for Business Services and Products, see the sections below:


HLP Routing API

Version 7.2.60

  • The route response was extended with information on incidents along the route.
  • Fix reduced matrix calculation time: issue solved about longer matrix calculation time when search range was not limited.
  • Added support for the time aware M:1 matrix calculation.


Map Tile API


  • New value added for ppi paramenter for 500ppi.
  • New languages added: Basque, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish


Map Image API


  • Support added for pviewparameter.
  • Support added for a new value for the ppi parameter, 500.
  • New parameter pview added to the API


Traffic API


  • Coverage extension for Incidents in Greece.


Geocoder API

Version 6.2.91

  • India: Tolerate variants for numbered sub-districts. For example, users can search for Block 4 where the map data only has 4th Block. Or users can search for Hal II Stage where the map data has Hal 2nd Stage.
  • India: Matching to multiple sub-districts. Having districts and multiple levels of sub-districts are very common in India and people add this information to queries when searching for addresses.
  • Support for additional disputed areas Hala'ib/Halaib Triangle, and South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands.
  • Geocoder does not return Greek exonyms in the Turkish view for Northern Cyprus anymore. This is important for commercialization in Turkey and Northern Cyprus.
  • Local time and extended time zone information is now available in location metadata.
  • Weekly map updates based on Stable Baseline. The baseline is now 2015Q3 data.


Places API

Version 1.0.11990

  • Address format for places in Spain is correct now.
  • Wrong language of item titles in search results: this will allow more users to see results in their preferred languages.
  • Fixed issue of missing digits in house numbers.


Platform Data Extension (PDE)

Version 1.5.1

  • Added new parameter cols to tile(s). json/tile(s).txt resources to retain/remove columns from request result.


Route Match Extension (RME)

Version 2.0.9

  • For route links in the response, following attributes have been added:
    link.confidence - Value between 0 and 1 that indicates the match correctness probability
    ⇒ Customers can decide if to use a link for further processing or not.
    link.matchOffsetOnLink - Value between 0 and 1 that describes the position of the match point on the link
    ⇒ This values help users to better analyze matches on large links


Waypoints Sequence Extension (WSE)

Version 2.1.0

  • The WSE API now supports up to 100 waypoints if the traffic option is disabled(instead 50 which was the limit for the previous version)
    With traffic option the limit remains at 50 waypoints.
  • In addition to that the calculation now takes rules for drivers driving and rest timesinto account:
    • Different driving and rest times can be supported
    • It can be defined if service times at a WP are counted as rest times


Toll Cost Extension (TCE)

Version 1.3

  • The TCE API now covers the full-extended German TOLL COLLECT network that is in place since July 1st. 2015.
    The coverage extension includes 1.100 kilometers of federal roads mainly Bundesstraßen.


Data Lens

Version 1.4.21

  • Compressed files import is possible now in upload via URL endpoint.
  • New aggregation function is available – `count_distinct`.
  • Dynamic parameters can be optional. Add `drop_if_not_provided: True` attribute for the `source` on the same level, as `$input`.
  • Optional dynamic parameters are optional for the /stats endpoint requests as well.
  • Performance improvements applied to DateTime columns.
  • Now it's possible to import larger files through HTTP upload – 5+GB

Here Platform News

This release notification will be issued on a monthly basis in synch with the HERE Platform release drops.


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