Dear Customer,

please be advised that a new release (D58) of the HERE Platform is available on the Production Environment (PRD).

We send this email to all those who apply for access credentials to the platform, based on the information they provide when registering.

This email includes release notes that describe the improvements to the services in the new release. This release includes updates in: Maps for JavaScript API, HLP Routing, Geocoder API, Map Tile API, Traffic Data API, Places API, Platform Data Extension, Toll Cost Extension and the Custom Location Extension.


The release documentation will be available on as well.

Management Summary

  • Geocoder improvements in Spain, covering support for regional languages, and search using address line only.
  • Traffic: Coverage extension for flows and incidents.
  • Toll booth names and time-dependent toll costs added to TCE.
  • Census Boundaries (polygon boundaries for government census areas) and multi-tile request available now in the PDE.


For detailed information about the major improvements of the HERE Platform for Business Services and Products, see the sections below:


Maps for JavaScript API


  • Dynamic clustering strategy provides efficient clustering for the data sets that are subject to frequent updates.
  • Image overlay provides an easy way to display bitmap data that covers a region on the map.
  • Night map schemas were added to the default layer set in mapsjs-service.js module.
  • Update in migration guide from 2.x of the HERE Maps API for JavaScript and version 3.x.


HLP Routing

Version 7.2.58

  • Added support for TimeZone attribute in GetLinkInfo service.


Geocoder API

Version 6.2.85

  • The Geocoder now provides weekly map updates based on Stable Baseline. The baseline is currently 2015Q2 data. This includes Russia and Ukraine.
  • Russia and Ukraine update from 2014Q3 to 2015Q2 map version. Crimea remains part of Ukraine.
  • Spain: Better support for regional languages. Spanish translations of street types for Catalan speaking regions are now supported.
  • Spain: The Geocoder supports now address line-only search for Spain. Users can search for addresses without any locality indication.


Traffic Data API


  • Performance improvements.
  • This release will consume traffic content from 3.1.2 Flow feeds and include Full TMC coverage for all supported markets.
  • Coverage extension for Flow and Incidents. Following are the new markets:


Coverage type



North, North-east, Centre-West Brazil
















Places API

Version 1.0.11638

  • Additional flag for places indicating whether the place is open or not if opening hours are available.
  • Content from Lonely Planet is no longer served.
  • Introducing new Category System parameter, which lets the caller select an alternate category system (e.g. cuisines). This parameter is available in all Search and Discovery endpoints.
  • Added cuisines translation for our 55 supported languages
  • Places API no longer support some languages for labels and ready-to-display strings (for details see release notes).



Platform Data Extension (PDE)

Version 1.5.0

  • New layer Census Boundaries for a growing set of countries. Please note that this layer is delivered as a separate maps, it is not included in the map regions NA, WEU, EEU. Also, each country is represented as a separate layer, because each country's Census data have a proprietary set of administrative levels and Census attributes. Currently coverage only in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Canada and USA
  • Multi-tile request: several tiles can be received through one single HTTP request, which reduces the HTTP overhead and latencies.
  • New parameter to get the information about the tile: layer, tilex, tiley, level, region and release.
  • Documentation resources can now be used without region and release parameters, returning the definitions for all regions and/or the latest available release respectively


Toll Cost Extension (TCE)

Version 1.3.0

  • Added toll booth names, and toll booth locations, with the new response element countries/roadSectionsCosts/tollStructures with attributes linkId1, linkId2, name, lngCode, latitude, longitude.
  • Time dependent toll cost: for toll systems where the fees change depending on the time of the day this information is processed.
  • Added response element warnings. It contains a list of warnings. If warnings are returned, then the result is still valid and can be used.


IMPORTANT: Migration of Maps API for JavaScript


Last year we announced the release of the new HERE Maps API for JavaScript 3.0 built to support both enterprise and consumer use cases, while assuring improved performance, processing speed and faster load time. This release is just further evidence of our commitment to continuous innovation through services that support today’s customer development environments.


The new HERE Maps API for JavaScript 3.0 provides customers today with important features and capabilities including:

  • Support for a broad range of applications from consumer facing to enterprises
  • Consolidation of all backend capabilities of HERE Platform into one single API
  • Application development across any browser environment
  • Further optimization for mobile browsers
  • Improved performance (leaner size and optimized API code), redesigned using latest browser and hardware technology
  • Improved processing speed and faster load times
  • Feature completeness compared to version 2.5.4

Following this release, we will be phasing out the HERE Maps API for JavaScript 2.x by September 30th, 2015. This means that, after this date, no further maintenance and support will be provided. In case you have any questions or if you run into any issues while migrating to the new HERE Maps API for JavaScript 3.0, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with the migration process.


This release notification will be issued on a monthly basis in synch with the HERE Platform release drops.


Kind regards

HERE Platform for Business Team

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