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p­lease be advised that new releases of the HERE Location Services on Platform are now available on the Production environment (PRD).


These releases include updates of: Routing API, Geocoder and Search API, Fleet Telematics API and HERE SDK for Android, iOSand Flutter.


For more detailed information about the major improvements of the HERE Location Services, see the sections below.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding new license terms for Location Services on Platform*:

For some of our new Location Services made available on Platform, we have changed the Transaction definitions in your current contract with HERE. This will impact all existing Location Services customers that have a contract with a license term based on Transactions such as Location Mapping when they start using Location Services on Platform.

By continuing to use the Location Services on Platform, you accept the new terms.

The changes are the following:


*Location Services on Platform are the latest major releases such as Geocoding and Search API V7, Routing, Matrix Routing, Isoline Routing, Transit and Intermodal API´s V8 and Vector Tile API V2

HERE Location Services on Platform




Versions 8.3.3 – 8.6.4

  • Added length to OffsetAction
  • Added support for traffic incidents in sections and spans.
  • Added floating point pedestrian/speed.html parameter.
  • Added support for all parameters from /routes for /routes/{routeHandle} endpoint, except for parameters origin, destination, via, alternatives, and routingMode.
  • Added boolean passThrough parameter via waypoints.


Geocoding and Search

Version 7.0.50

  • All endpoints: primary category flag for all place results with multiple categories
  • Discover, Browse, Lookup: Place results contact information (phone, mail, web, fax)
  • Discover, Browse, Lookup: Place results opening hours with isOpen flag
  • Autosuggest query terms completion and termsLimit filter



HERE SDK for Android, iOS and Flutter Lite Edition


  • Added Place.getGeoCoordinates() method to get the GeoCoordinates of a Place .
  • Added departure/arrival information to the Section of a Route :
    • Added Departure class with the following fields:
      • waypointIndex
      • originalCoordinates
      • mapMatchedCoordinates
    • Added Arrival class with the following fields:
      • waypointIndex
      • originalCoordinates
      • mapMatchedCoordinates
    • Added Section.get_departure() method.
    • Added Section.get_arrival() method.
  • Added Suggestion.getType() to get the new SuggestionType enum that indicates whether this Suggestion is a place, a chain like a store, restaurant or bussiness chain - or a category .


HERE SDK for Android, iOS and Flutter Explore Edition



Same new features as Lite edition



HERE SDK for Android and iOS (Navigate Edition)



  • Added a new NavigatorProtocol which describes the main turn-by-turn functionality of a Navigator .


Plus, same new features as the Lite and Explore versions.



HERE Location Services


Fleet Telematics API

Version 3.0.32


  • New Custom Routing feature: Avoid Unpaved roads
    • User can specify, whether and how strict unpaved roads shall be avoided
  • NewCustom Routing feature: Choose Speed Category
    • Now it is also possible to overrule the automatically determined      speed profile and use a specific            one.
  • New Custom Routing Feature: Modify all roads within a polygonal area
    • The Area Override overlay upload operation modifies the attributes of all links     of the given LINK_ATTRIBUTE_FCNlayer(s)
  • More granular axle weight restrictions in  Advanced Datasets
    • The Area Override overlay upload operation modifies the attributes of all links of the given LINK_ATTRIBUTE_FCN layer(s


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