Dear Customer,


please be advised that a new release (D90) of the HERE Location Suite is now available on the Production environment (PRD).


This email includes release notes that describe the improvements to the services in the new release. This release includes updates of: Geocoder API, Geocoder Autocomplete API, Routing API, Map Tile API, Custom Location Extension, Custom Route Extension, Geofencing Extension, Fleet Connectivity Extension, Platform Data Extension, Route Match Extension, Toll Cost Extension, Waypoint Sequence Extension and Map Data.


As well, we will publish the release documentation on the Developer Portal.


Management Summary

The release is mainly a maintenance release; highlights are:

  • Geocoder Autocomplete API now allows filtering on postal codes for countries
  • New International Map Data release deployed for hybrid clients for Mobile SDK (Android, iOS)
  • Avoid U-turns feature introduced in Routing API

Geocoder API

Version 6.2.153


  • The service has increased coverage for Eircodes for the Republic of Ireland.
  • Improvements have been made for some US address queries.

Geocoder Autocomplete API

Version 6.2.153


  • Changes have been made for GBR to return the full postal code in Autocomplete.
  • A new parameter has been introduced to allow filtering on postal codes for countries. This filter requires that the &country is provided with a 3-letter ISO code and that a new parameter &resultType is also provided.

Map Data for Mobile SDK

Version (Q1 2018, (January 2018))


  • Cambodia intermediate coverage is exposed to all platform customers. Previously it was on purpose downgraded to entry map coverage on compilation phase due to legal considerations.
  • Increased bundle size from 128Kb to 256Kb to overcome map index (MAP.IDX) size growth beyond limits that are supported by existing clients
  • Enabled Cyprus country label display in all political views except Turkey view
  • Improved border representation between Chile and Argentina to be compliant with government requirements
  • Improvements to address offline search and voice search issues with Abington and Mahwah townships (USA)
  • POI categories configuration improvements for Speech Recognition artifacts (added charging station(s) as alternative name for EV Charging Station POIs)
  • Updated land parcels data for Australia and New Zealand with November 2017 data
  • Updated 2D Generalized Signs to 2D Signs SR2 171G (Q4/17) product
  • Improved Public Transit compilation in order not to exclude some travel arcs due to day-by-day schedule of transit lines
  • Fixed issue with Cancún (Mexico) not being displayed
  • Fixed issue with Norfolk Island (NFK) not available in offline search results
  • Compiler improvements to decrease amount of unused legacy code


Public Transit Improvements:

  • New coverage for United Kingdom, Switzerland and Iceland
  • New data for Nürnberg (Germany) and Vienna (Austria)


Package Improvements:

The following packages for on device map loading (ODML) were updated Cambodia added as download package under Asia

  • Thailand split into sub-regions: Central Thailand, Northern Thailand, Northeast Thailand and Southern Thailand
  • Vietnam split into sub-regions: Northern Vietnam, Central Vietnam and Southern Vietnam
  • Philippines split into sub-regions: Luzon‚ Visayas and Mindanao
  • Malaysia split into sub-regions: Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia

The following services had new releases with minor changes:

  • Geocoder Autocomplete API (Version 6.2.151)
  • Custom Location Extension (Version 2.5.2)
  • Custom Route Extension (Version 2.5.2)
  • Geofencing Extension (Version 2.5.2)
  • Fleet Connectivity Extension (Version 1.3.10)
  • Platform Data Extension (Version 1.6.19)
  • Route Match Extension (Version 2.5.2)
  • Toll Cost Extension (Version 2.5.2)
  • Waypoint Sequence Extension (Version 3.0.9)


Change in policy for Batch Geocoder API on Customer Integration and Testing environment
• With effect on the 12th of February we will reduce the maximal size for Batch Geocoding files to 10 k addresses on the Customer Integration and Testing environment (CIT). Larger files will be rejected. We have to introduce this as we have been observing a massive abuse of the Batch Geocoder on CIT over the previous weeks. The CIT environment is not indented to handle large amount of load and other users doing integration and functional tests were blocked.
• The Batch Geocoding service for commercial customer on our production environment will continue to accept batch files with up to 1000 k addresses each.
• If you have a commercial contract in place, please use our production environment If you are evaluating our services and have the need to do performance testing with large files, please reach out to your HERE Account Executive for setting up a dedicated performance testing environment.

General Rules Related to HERE Materials and Applications
• Inline with HERE Platform core terms, please ensure that the users of your application build on HERE Mobile SDKs Premium Edition constantly download the latest map version within a couple of weeks after the new map release has been available.

New incidents endpoint for Traffic API
• In May 2017, new /traffic/6.2/incidents endpoint launched to support more incidents data
• The old endpoint /traffic/6.1/incidents is still available and will be supported at least for 6 months

Public Transit API refactoring
• In April 2017, Public Transit API version 3.0.0 released, following refactoring of all endpoints to a new format. The API endpoint format have been changed from to
• For now, the coming releases will continue to support all deprecated endpoints (with old parameter names)

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